About Us

I have owned Dobermans since 2012 when I was blessed my very first European Doberman while working as a licensed Veterinary Technician. Later, I ended up joining the Air Force when we got stationed in the Aloha state of Hawaii and then to Guam “hafa adai”. My family of dobies grew from 1 to 4 because you can never have just one doberman 😉

While stationed on the islands I was able to produce some amazing pups and also create what we like to call our Valor Ohana (family). It became much more than I ever expected it to be. I stay in touch with every single family of my pups to see how they are developing and to provide breeder support. They are my responsibility even when placed into new homes because well…I loved them first.

Now the Air Force has brought us to Virginia where I will continue my vision of bringing families intelligent, strong, healthy, and beautiful Dobermans

All of my Doberman have been tested through Vetgen, NSCU, Embark while contributing their results to the Doberman Diversity Project to help with research of DCM.

Feel free to inquire, I am an open book when it comes to my babies.

About the Doberman

 The European Doberman is certainly different, both physically and temperamentally, from its American counterpart. Below are the main physical and temperamental traits that set them apart:

European Doberman

Height: 27 – 28 inches (male), 25 – 27 inches (female)

American Doberman

Height: 26 – 28 inches (male), 24 – 26 inches (female)

Doberman Catergorys

Valor Dobermans North Carolina

Valor Dobermans has a second location with my partners, Mary Ann and Ray out of New Bern, NC. In 2020, they purchased a red male Doberman puppy out of Rayne X Zander who is named Joey and our relationship took off after that. This partnership 100% fell into place on its own. This is how I knew it was meant to be as not one single aspect of it had to be forced, it came naturally as if they have been working beside me since day one.

These two have the experience and knowledge and are contributing greatly to the Valor standard. Having a partnership allows for me to provide the same high standards of puppies to more families without jeopardizing quality. Retired from the police department and retired business owners they now have the time to follow their passion in working to improve our beloved breed. You will not find a more loving and caring family to raise your future family member than them.


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