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Academy L.L.C.

At ReZealience Academy L.L.C., Jamie Davis has been successfully providing transformational coaching services to women of all ages to empower them in their journey to wholeness.

The name ReZealience comes from a mixture of Resilience and Zeal.

Why the Swallow? The swallow symbolizes resilience, rebirth, a new beginning, freedom, and a safe journey in life. The Swallows’ characteristics are agility, superb high flight prowess, keen observation, and can detect a sudden change of moisture in the air.

Discover who you are with ReZealience Academy L.L.C. and let us help you heal, set and keep healthy boundaries, and be intentional with every decision and life choice.


Academy L.L.C.

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Vision & Mission

At ReZealience Academy L.L.C., Jamie Davis strives to empower you to achieve your desired transformation while creating a strong and optimistic relationship between her and her clients. The process involves identifying the client’s goals, designing a treatment plan for helping them accomplish those goals, and sorting through the issues that will arise along the way. In addition to providing excellent customer service to her clients, she endeavors to promote their stability, self-esteem, community integration and enable them to reach their highest levels of functional capacity and personal growth.

Rapid Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is forward-focused; Jamie offers an opportunity to her clients to revisit their past momentarily to release, forgive, and understand who they are and how those experiences affect their present life choices. Then we face forward and regain confidence through boundary setting and acceptance work.


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Check the glimpses of our successful consultation and coaching services where I help people facing codependency and help them overcome their depression and stress utilizing proven methods and techniques.



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Rediscover, Reinvent, and Regain confidence with ReZealience Academy L.L.C. Check out the videos of the latest sessions to understand the basics of negative patterns, overthinking, and other related topics and how ReZealience Academy L.L.C. will help you find the right path in life.



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