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Building Blocks Applied Behavioral Services, Inc. was shaped by Chenelle Grant back in 2018 with the intent of making a positive difference in the lives of people with Autism. Being on a mission of changing the lives of children with Autism aged 2-8, we focus on tailored learning and therapies that you can rely on. We endeavor to give our enhanced solutions to customers while considering their mobility needs. Our professionals team up and comprehend the behaviors in real-life situations that need to be changed and work on transforming them into helpful behaviors. We commit to giving you the best level of care and unwavering support in order to help children with Autism achieve better outcomes.

Together, let’s make this place a better one for people with Autism.

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In-home Therapy

Our professional behavior analysts offer you personalized in-home ABA therapy at your comfort. Our in-house therapies not only ensure your feasibility but also allow our professional staff to effectively implement the therapies in a more natural environment for the child.

Community-based Therapy

Our behaviors differ when we are in different environments; our community-based therapy ensures that your child is learning both in a natural and a less structured environment. Our behavior therapists know the best ways to provide you with treatment plans that are inclusive and effective.

Early Intervention Services

ABA assessment tools are tailored to identify the strengths, needs, and interests of each child Early intervention offers that support children with offers that support children with Autism needs social communication and behavioral skill.

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At Building Blocks Applied Behavioral Services, Inc., our staff is always there for you. We understand that having your child diagnosed with Autism can be an overwhelming experience, and to help you with it, we offer services that assist in your child’s journey throughout. Our professionals strive for positive outcomes while providing needful therapies and treatments. You may get ABA therapy somewhere else too, but what sets Building Blocks Applied Behavioral Services, Inc. apart is your convenience. Our staff provides our personalized therapies at your doorstep in order to provide you with ease and comfort. Relying on our ABA services, including home-based therapy, community-based therapy, and early intervention, would never be a disappointment.

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    Child Development – Our Mission

    Are you worried about your child’s full potential? We are here to help you out. A newly diagnosed Autism can be worrisome, but our staff can give you all the courage that you need. Our staff looks forward to walking in your life and helping you out in your child’s development.

    At Building Blocks Applied Behavioral Services, Inc., our staff is always there for you. Our behavior therapies ensure that your child is unique and successful.

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