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Adam Sommers

Adam Sommers has contributed to the New York Daily News for more than 30 years as an editor and writer, writing all those tabloid headlines you see on the newspaper’s front page. Adam Sommers has written popular stories on crime and politics, as well as about celebrities and entertainment. With the growing love for journalism, Adam wrote his first story when he was in college and used to go to Montclair, New Jersey. Adam Sommers has a great knack for writing about captivating stories of his surroundings, and he has been covering sex-abuse scandals that he finds to be disgusting enough to write about.

In an effort to express his passion for writing, two of his best writings are now available. Get ready to pass through a rush of adrenaline when you read some of his best products.

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About the Book

Eric Berger is a young, ambitious reporter who has just gotten his dream job – working at The Washington Standard covering the corrupt mayor of the nation’s capital. Through luck and talent, he produces several blockbuster stories soon after being hired. This puts him on the radar of the editor-in-chief, Jayne Fryman – a self-centered, predatory horror who treats her workers with disdain and lures young men into sexual depravity with the promise of advancement.

She soon targets Eric for conquest, but her initial attempt to seduce him ends in a humiliating failure. However, this only serves to heighten her desire and determination. Jayne invites Eric to her home where she’s hosting a party for Washington’s media elite. She has promised him opportunities to work in television and radio. As the party is winding down, she drugs and later assaults him.

Eric is left in a state of shock. Going to the police would be futile because no one would believe him. Jayne is too rich and powerful to be threatened by a lawsuit, criminal charges or even media exposure. Eric fantasizes about killing her but discards every possible method as unrealistic. He’s just not a violent person. With no way to achieve any measure of revenge, he becomes increasingly lost in a spiral of alcohol, depression and self-loathing.

It is at this lowest point that his colleague Warren Zalinsky steps in. Like Eric, he has been assaulted by Jayne. They soon forge a bond and come up with a way to ruin Jayne while permanently putting an end to her abuse. Does their plan work? Can Jayne be stopped? She’s a strong and resourceful woman – and will not easily be defeated.

Adam Sommers

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Sea No Evil

“Sea No Evil” is the dramatic tale of an island of the damned, where society sends its worst criminals and leaves them to kill each other or die slowly of disease. Although violence is everywhere, the inmates have established a kind of justice and a functioning society. The island is run by a convict named Sylvester. On the mainland he was a brutal mob hit man, but he only whacked those whom he knew deserved it. When one of the few women convicts is accused of killing another inmate, he steps in to make sure any punishment is justified. Sylvester is not head over heels in love with Dancy, far from it, but she does touch something within him that he’s never experience. It’s unsettling and he struggles to understand his emotions even as events move quickly toward an unpleasant end for the accused woman, who may not even be guilty.


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