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Head in the Game – Val Marie.

‘Head in the Game’ is written by a grandmother to honor her grandson and their love for baseball. Val Marie dedicated this book to her grandson Cooper and his dad, her son Marshall, who loves the game of baseball too!

Ballpark Diva – Val Marie.

“Ballpark Diva" came about as I thought about how cute my granddaughter is and how she is always excited to be going to the baseball fields. She has made many friends, and the baseball families are just the best.

Val Marie

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Head In The Game.

Val Marie – The Author.

I want to write children’s books that are about something real. Something fathers might read to their kids. I would like to get into good sportsmanship and maybe the game’s rules. There are so many lessons to be learned, such as it takes hard work to get ahead, and you must put in the effort to get the reward. You should always support the people who help you get to your goal.”

–Val Marie 

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Valerie Marie Hill

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