About Us

At SafeHome Solar, we believe in providing quality. With a total of 13 years of experience, we have been providing our customers with qualified products and services that hit their needs and stay light in their pockets. We commit to the satisfaction of our services and make sure that we maintain high service standards for them.

Ranging from installing and maintaining solar systems to managing all the electric work and energy efficiency systems, we can do it all for you! Our professionals believe in working in the field of your house and not behind the desk.

Start saving your money and find reliable solutions for your concerns.

Services We Provide

Solar Systems

We have the most dependable ways to combat the heat at SafeHome Solar. Our experts take pleasure in claiming that we offer the widest range of solar panel alternatives for our customers, according to their specific requirements.

Battery Systems

At SafeHome Solar, we provide our customers with cutting-edge technology that could sustain their lives. The battery systems installed by our professionals perform better and are practicable for a longer time.

Electrical Work

Helping our customers in achieving their electric goals is our aim! We offer warranted services ranging from electrical panel installation to wiring installation. Sit back and look forward to sustaining a reliable electric system.

Main Panels

Whether you want to replace your electric panel, want to repair it, or are planning to replace it with your old fuse system, we can do it for you. Save up your time and money by obtaining our services.

Video Doorbells

Get ease with the installation of personalized video doorbells. Keep your eye on the ins and outs of your house and get all your expenses of wiring and power removal of existing devices covered. Find the smartest solutions and get in touch now!

Energy Efficiency

At SafeHome Solar, we encourage sustainable energy solutions. To save up more energy and reduce the amount of electricity used per product, we offer some really affordable energy-efficient appliances.

Are you confused about which service to get?

Got some concerns about installing solar panels in your house, or want to know the applications of the doorbells? Consult our professionals and find your answers.